Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic user manual

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Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic

samsung galaxy watch 4 classic

Getting started

  • Device Layout: Galaxy Watch4 | Galaxy Watch4 Classic
  • Set up your device: Charge the battery | Wireless Power Share | Wear the Watch
  • Start using your device: Start using your device | Activation | Galaxy Wearable app | Lock or unlock your device | Customize keys | Navigation | Change the watch face | Quick panel | Notifications | Water lock mode | Bedtime mode | Theater mode | Enter text


  • Tools: Alarm | Bixby | Calculator | Calendar | Compass |Contacts | Find My Phone | Reminder| Samsung Pay | Stopwatch | Timer | Voice Recorder | Weather | World clock
  • Media: Buds controller | Camera controller | Gallery | Media controller | Messages | Phone
  • Health: Samsung Health | Samsung Health Monitor
  • Google: Play store | Maps
  • Microsoft: Outlook


  • Connections: Bluetooth | Wi-Fi | NFC | Disconnection alerts | Airplane mode | Mobile networks | Data usage
  • Notifications: Notification settings | Advanced notification settings | Wireless emergency alerts
  • Sounds and vibration: Sound mode | Vibration | Call vibration | Notification vibration | Volume | Ringtone | Notification sound | System vibration | System sounds
  • Display: Adjust screen brightness | Always on Display | Screen wake-up | Show media controls | Set the screen timeout | Show last app | Font style | Touch sensitivity | Show charging info
  • Device maintenance: Battery | Power saving mode | Watch only mode | Text to speech | Date and time | Connect to a new phone | Reset the Watch | Location
  • Accessibility: Talk Back | Visibility enhancements | Hearing enhancements | Advanced settings | Installed services
    Security and privacy: Set a screen lock | Permission manager
  • Accounts: Samsung account | Google account
  • Other: Software update | Tips and tutorials | About watch

Learn More
Videos | Tips | Samsung Care | Talk to an agent

Legal information
Samsung Knox | Legal information | Restricting children’s access to your mobile device Visit Fitbit Versa 4 Watch

Galaxy Watch4

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic fig 1

Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic fig 2

Set up your device

Learn more about your device hardware, assembling and charging, and how to get started using your new device.

  • Charge the battery
  • Wireless Power Share
  • Wear the Watch

Charge the battery
Your device is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic fig 3

  1. Connect the wireless charger to a USB charging port.
  2. Place the watch onto the wireless charger, aligning the center of your watch with the center of the wireless charger.
  3. After fully charging, disconnect the watch from the wireless charger.

The charging head for plugging the USB cable into a wall outlet is not included. Use only Samsung charging devices rated with an output voltage of 5v and an output current of over 150mA (sold separately). Samsung accessories are designed for your device to maximize battery life. Using other accessories may void your warranty and may cause damage.

Prevent the USB charger port and the small end of the charger cable from coming into contact with conductive materials, such as liquids, dust, metal powders, and pencil leads.

While charging, the device and the charger may become hot. This does not affect the device’s lifespan or performance and is in the device’s normal range of operation.
Remove the device from the charger and wait for the device to cool down. For more information, visit

Do not disassemble, modify, or repair your device. Placing objects, such as magnetic stripe cards, including credit cards, phone cards, passbooks, and boarding passes, next to the device or charger may cause damage from the charger or device’s magnetic field.

Wireless Power Share
Wirelessly charge your device using a supported Samsung smartphone. Some features are not available while sharing power.

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic fig 4

  1. From your phone, enable the Wireless Power Share feature.
  2. With the phone face down, place the compatible device on the back of the phone to charge. A notification sound or vibration occurs when charging begins.

Wireless Power Share works with most Qi-Certified devices. Requires minimum 30% battery to share. Speed and power efficiency of charge varies by device. May not work with some accessories, covers, or other manufacturer’s devices. If you have trouble connecting or charging is slow, remove any cover from each device.

For best results when using Wireless Power Share, please note:

  • Remove any accessories or cover before using the feature. Depending on the type of accessory or cover, Wireless Power Share may not work properly.
  • The location of the wireless charging coil may vary by device, so you may need to adjust the placement to make a connection. When charging starts, a notification or vibration will occur, so the notification will help you know you’ve made a connection. During charging, do not move or use either device.
  • Call reception or data services may be affected, depending on your network environment.
  • Charging speed or efficiency can vary depending on device condition or surrounding environment.
  • Do not use headphones.

Wear the Watch

Wrap the watch firmly around your lower arm just above your wrist as shown below. Do not fasten the watch too tightly.

Wear the device correctly. If you feel discomfort while using the device, stop using it. If your device becomes hot, please remove it until it cools.

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic fig 5

  1. Open the buckle and place the strap around your wrist.
  2. Fit the strap to your wrist, insert the pin into an adjustment hole, and then secure the buckle to close it.

Strap tips and precautions

  • Some people may experience discomfort when wearing the watch for prolonged periods.
  • If you have sensitive skin or fasten the watch too tightly, you may feel some discomfort.
  • Do not expose the straps to very wet conditions. Wet straps can cause skin irritations. Dry the straps first. If you experience skin irritation when wearing the watch, stop wearing it and consult a physician.

Replace the strap
Detach the strap from the watch to replace it with a new one. To remove the strap:

Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic fig 6

To replace the strap:

  1. Insert one end of the spring bar into the hole on the side of the watch.
  2. Slide the other spring bar inward, and release it once the strap is in place.

Galaxy Wearable app
To connect your watch to a smartphone, install the Galaxy Wearable app on the smartphone. You can download the app from the Galaxy Store or the Google Play™ store.

Galaxy Wearable is compatible with select devices using Android 6.0 and later with at least 1.5 GB RAM. Supported devices may vary by carrier and device. Some features may not be available. For best results, connect with compatible Samsung Galaxy devices. Visit for a list of compatible smartphones.

The touchscreen responds best to a light touch from the pad of your finger. Using excessive force or a metallic object on the touchscreen may damage the tempered glass surface and void the warranty.



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Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic user manual

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