Panasonic Air Conditioner CS XU9XKH 8 User Manual

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Panasonic Air Conditioner CS XU9XKH 8


How to Use


Remote control display and functions may vary depending on the model.




  • When FAN AUTO is selected, the fan speed is adjusted automatically according to the operation mode.
  • Select the lowest fan speed ( ) to have a low noise operation.
  • When iAUTO-X mode is selected, the fan speed is automatically set to AUTO. To adjust the fan speed, cancel iAUTO-X mode.


  • This operation reduces airflow noise.

To Enjoy Fresher and Cleaner Environment

  • This operation combines both nanoe ™ X and nanoe ™ G (nanoe ™ TECHNOLOGY).
  • nanoe ™ TECHNOLOGY automatically starts when the unit is turned on.
  • Press to turn ON or OFF this operation manually.
  • This operation can be activated even when the unit is OFF. Note that the flap and fan speed will operate according to the remote control setting.
  • If a power failure occurs during this operation, this operation resumes immediately when power resumes.

To Reduce Power Consumption

  • To reduce power consumption for better energy saving without sacrificing comfort.
  • ECO function cannot be activated during iAUTO-X mode.
  • Press the button again to cancel.


  • When iAUTO-X mode is turned on, the unit automatically reduces the temperature by 2°C (4°F) from the set temperature to accelerate the room cooling effect.
  • Fan speed is set to AUTO and you cannot change the fan speed.
  • After a maximum of 4 hours, the unit returns to the last set temperature. To extend iAUTO-X operation, press again to reactivate the iAUTO-X.
  • When the room has reached set temperature, and room temperature is > 23°C and room humidity is > 60%, iAUTO-X will operate at a predetermined setting.
  • When room humidity is high, fan speed will operate at lower speed.
  • When the unit is OFF and you want to reach the desired temperature quickly, press to turn on the unit in iAUTO-X mode.
  • Not applicable for Heat operation.
  • This operation provides you with a comfortable environment while sleeping. It will automatically adjust the sleep pattern temperature during the activation period.
  • The indoor unit indicator will dim when this operation is activated. This is not applicable if the indicator brightness has been manually dimmed.
  • This operation is incorporated with the activation timer (0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 hours).
  • This operation can be set together with timer. Sleep operation has the priority over OFF timer.
  • This operation can be cancelled by pressing the respective button until the sleep timer reaches 0.0h.

To Connect to a Network

For Wireless LAN Module operation setup, please refer to Setup Instructions Manual.

How to Use

To Set the Timer
You can set the timer to turn on and off the unit at 2 different preset time.

  • To cancel the timer, press or to select the respective setting or , then press .
  • If the timer has been cancelled manually or due to power failure, you can restore the timer again. Press or to select the respective setting or , then press.
  • The nearest timer setting is displayed and will activate in sequence.
  • The timer operation follows the clock setting on the remote control and will repeat daily when timer has been set. For clock setting, refer to Quick Guide.





To Learn More
Operation Mode
Cooling Model
iAUTO-X : Provides fast cooling operation which is ideal on a hot day.
COOL : Provides efficient comfort cooling to suit your needs.
DRY : Operates at low fan speed for a gentle cooling operation.
Heat Pump Model
AUTO : During operation, the POWER indicator will blinks at initial. Unit selects operation mode every 10 minutes according to the setting and room temperatures.
HEAT : The POWER indicator blinks at the initial stage of this operation. Unit takes a while to warm up.
COOL : Provides efficient comfort cooling to suit your needs.
DRY : Operates at low fan speed for a gentle cooling operation.
iAUTO-X : Provides fast cooling operation which is ideal on a hot day.
Energy Saving Temperature Setting
You may save energy when operating the unit within the recommended temperature range.
HEAT : 20.0 °C ~ 24.0 °C / 68 °F ~ 75 °F. (Heat pump model)
COOL : 26.0 °C ~ 28.0 °C / 79 °F ~ 82 °F.
Air Flow Direction
In COOL / DRY Mode :
The horizontal flap is fixed at middle position setting. Once the temperature is achieved, the horizontal flap swings up / down automatically.
In HEAT Mode (2 Heat Pump Model):
If AUTO is set, the horizontal flap is fixed at the predetermined position. The vertical flap swings left / right after the temperature rises.
In iAUTO-X Mode :
The horizontal flap swings up / down automatically at a predetermined position. Once the temperature is achieved, the horizontal flap is fixed at upper position.
In COOL / DRY / iAUTO-X / HEAT (Heat pump model) mode:
The horizontal flap swings up / down automatically.
Auto Restart Control
When power is resumed after a power failure, the operation will restart automatically with the last operation mode and airflow direction.

  • This control is not applicable when TIMER is set.

nanoe ™ X Filter Deactivation
Depending on the unit’s accumulated operation time, the nanoe ™ X may be activated only once a day after the unit is turned off standby mode. During the nanoe ™ X filter deactivation operation, the flap will open slightly with low fan speed operation for 2.5 hours if the unit was in COOL / DRY mode, and 2 hours if the unit was in nanoe™ TECHNOLOGY, before the unit is turned off. This is to remove viruses / bacteria from the surroundings. The filter deactivation operation is complete when the fan stops and the flap closes. Do not turn off the power supply during this operation. After a power failure, this operation will not resume.
Operating Conditions
Use this air conditioner in the temperature range indicated in the table.

Temperature °C (°F) Indoor Outdoor
COOL Max. 32 (89.6) 23 (73.4) 46 (114.8) 26 (78.8)
Min. 16 (60.8) 11 (51.8) 16 (60.8) 11 (51.8)

Heat pump model

Max. 30 (86.0) 24 (75.2) 18 (64.4)
Min. 16 (60.8) -5 (23.0) -6 (21.2)

DBT: Dry bulb temperature, WBT: Wet bulb temperature

Cleaning the Air Conditioner

Cleaning has to be carried out at regular intervals to ensure the unit is at optimal performance. A dirty unit may cause malfunction and you may retrieve “H 99” error code. Consult an authorised dealer.

  • Before cleaning, switch off the power supply and unplug the unit.
  • Do not touch the aluminium fin as the sharp parts may cause injury.
  • Do not use benzine, thinner or scouring powder.
  • Use soap ( pH 7) or neutral household detergent only.
  • Do not use water hotter than 40 °C / 104 °F.

Indoor Unit
Wipe the unit gently with a soft and dry cloth. The coils and fans should be cleaned periodically by an authorised dealer.
Outdoor Unit
Clean the debris that surround the unit. Clear any blockage from the drain pipe.

nanoeTM-G Generator
Once every 2 Weeks

  • Clean with dry cotton bud.
  • Do not touch during operation.

Air Filters
Once every 2 Weeks

  • Wash / Rinse the filters gently with water to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Dry the filters thoroughly under a shade, away from fi re or direct sunlight.
  • Replace any damaged filters.

Front Panel



The following symptoms do not indicate malfunction.

Symptom Cause
POWER indicator blinks before the unit is switched on. • This is the preliminary step to prepare for the TIMER operation after it has been set.

When Timer is set ON, the unit may start earlier up to 15 minutes (1 Cooling model) / 30 minutes (2 Heatpump model) before the actual set time to achieve the desired

temperature on time.

TIMER indicator is always ON. • When Timer has been set, the Timer setting repeats daily.
Operation is delayed a few minutes after restarting. • The delay is a protection to the unit’s compressor.
Indoor fan stops occasionally during automatic fan speed setting. • This is to help remove the surrounding odour.
Airflow continues even after operation has stopped. • Extraction of remaining heat from the indoor unit (maximum 30 seconds).
The room has a peculiar odour. • This may be due to damp smell emitted by the wall, carpet, furniture or clothing.
Cracking sound during operation. • Changes in temperature caused the unit to expand and contract.
Water flowing sound during operation. • Refrigerant flow inside the unit.
Mist emerges from indoor unit. • During cooling operation, the discharged cold air may condense to water vapour.
Outdoor unit emits water or steam. • During cooling operation, condensation occurs on

cold pipes and the condensed water may drip from the outdoor unit.

Louder noise at outdoor unit during early operation of i AUTO-X. • The compressor and fan rotate at higher speed to boost cooling performance during initial operation.
Discoloration of some plastic parts. • Discoloration is subjected to the types of materials used in plastic parts. It is accelerated when exposed to heat, sun light, UV light or environmental factors.
After extended use, dust may cover the front panel, grilles and the wall surrounding the unit. • The dust accumulation is due to the air purification effect of negative ions from nanoe™-G. Remove the dust regularly with a clean dampened cloth.
Soft buzzing sound from indoor unit during nanoe™ TECHNOLOGY operation. • It is normal when the nanoe™X generator is working. If you are concerned about the sound, cancel the nanoe™ TECHNOLOGY operation.
Wireless LAN indicator is ON when the unit is OFF. • The unit’s wireless LAN connection with the router has been activated.

Check the following before calling for servicing.

Symptom Check
Operation in HEAT (*2 Heatpump model) / COOL mode is not working efficiently. • Set the temperature correctly.

• Close all doors and windows.

• Clean or replace the filters.

• Clear any obstruction at the air inlet and air outlet vents.

Noisy during operation. • Check if the unit has been installed at an incline.

• Close the front panel properly.

Remote control does not work.

(Display is dim or transmission signal is weak.)

• Insert the batteries correctly.

• Replace weak batteries.

The unit does not work. • Check if the circuit breaker is tripped.

• Check if timers have been set.

The unit does not receive the signal from the remote control. • Make sure the receiver is not obstructed.

• Certain fluorescent lights may interfere with the signal transmitter. Consult an authorised dealer.

The nanoe™ TECHNOLOGY indicator at the indoor unit is not ON when nanoe™ TECHNOLOGY is activated. • Use the remote control to retrieve the error code and consult an authorised dealer.

The remote control is missing or a malfunction has occurred

  1. Cooling Model
    • Raise the front panel.
    • Press AUTO OFF / ON once to use in iAUTO-X mode.
    • Press AUTO OFF / ON until you hear 1 beep, then release to use in forced COOL mode.
    • Press AUTO OFF/ON again to turn off the unit.
  2. Heat pump Model
    • Raise the front panel.
    • Press AUTO OFF / ON once to use in AUTO mode.
  3. Press AUTO OFF / ON until you hear 1 beep, then release to use inforced COOL mode.
  4. Press AUTO OFF / ON until you hear 2 beeps, then release to use in forced HEAT mode.
  5. Press AUTO OFF / ON again to turn off the unit.

The Indicators are Too Bright
To dim or restore the indicators’ brightness on the unit, press on the remote for 5 seconds.
Conducting a Seasonal Inspection after Extended Period of Non-Use

  • Check the batteries.
  • Check that there is no obstruction around the air inlets and outlet vents.
  • Use AUTO OFF / ON on the unit to select HEAT (Heat pump model) / COOL mode. For details, refer “The remote control is missing or a malfunction has occurred” above. After 15 minutes of operation, it is normal to have the following temperature difference between the air inlet and outlet vents:
    • HEAT (Heat pump model) : ≥ 14 °C / 25.2 °F
    • COOL : ≥ 8 °C / 14.4 °F

The Units will be not used for an Extended Period

  • Activate nanoe ™ TECHNOLOGY mode for 2~3 hours to remove any moisture left in the internal parts thoroughly. This is to prevent mould growth.
  • Turn off the power supply and unplug the unit.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote control.

TURN OFF THE POWER SUPPLY AND UNPLUG THE UNIT. Then consult an authorised dealer in the following conditions :

  • Abnormal noise during operation.
  • Water / Foreign particles have entered the remote control.
  • Water is leaking from the indoor unit.
  • The circuit breaker switches off frequently.
  • The power cord becomes unnaturally warm.
  • The switches or buttons are not functioning properly.

How to Retrieve Error Codes
If the unit stops and the TIMER indicator blinks, use the remote control to retrieve the error code.


For certain errors, you may restart the unit for limited operation if there are 4 beeps when operation starts.

Diagnostic Display Abnormality / Protection Control
H 00 No memory of failure
H 11 Indoor / Outdoor abnormal communication
H 12 Indoor unit capacity unmatched
H 14 Indoor intake air temperature sensor abnormality
H 15 Outdoor compressor temperature sensor abnormality
H 16 Outdoor current transformer (CT) abnormality
H 17 Outdoor suction temperature sensor abnormality
H 19 Indoor fan motor mechanism lock
H 21 Indoor float switch operation abnormality
H 23 Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor 1 abnormality
H 24 Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor 2 abnormality
H 25 Indoor ion device abnormality
H 26 Minus ION abnormality
H 27 Outdoor air temperature sensor abnormality
H 28 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor 1 abnormality
H 30 Outdoor discharge pipe temperature sensor abnormality
H 31 Abnormal swimming pool sensor
H 32 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor 2 abnormality
H 33 Indoor/outdoor misconnection abnormality
H 34 Outdoor heat sink temperature sensor abnormality
H 35 Indoor/outdoor water adverse current abnormality
H 36 Outdoor gas pipe temperature sensor abnormality
H 37 Outdoor liquid pipe temperature sensor abnormality
H 38 Indoor/outdoor mismatch (brand code)
H 39 Abnormal indoor operating unit or standby units
Diagnostic Display Abnormality / Protection Control
H 41 Abnormal wiring or piping connection
H 50 Ventilation fan motor locked
H 51 Ventilation fan motor locked
H 52 Left-right limit switch fixing abnormality
H 58 Indoor gas sensor abnormality
H 59 Eco sensor abnormality
H 64 Outdoor high pressure sensor abnormality
H 67 nanoe abnormality
H 70 Light sensor abnormality
H 71 DC cooling fan inside control board abnormality
H 72 Abnormality tank temperature sensor
H 85 Abnormal communication between indoor & wireless LAN module
H 97 Outdoor fan motor mechanism lock
H 98 Indoor high pressure protection
H 99 Indoor operating unit freeze protection
F 11 4-way valve switching abnormality
F 16 Total running current protection
F 17 Indoor standby units freezing abnormality
F 18 Dry circuit blocked abnormality
F 87 Control box overheat protection
F 90 Power factor correction (PFC) circuit protection
F 91 Refrigeration cycle abnormality
F 93 Outdoor compressor abnormal revolution
F 94 Compressor discharge pressure overshoot protection
F 95 Outdoor cooling high pressure protection
F 96 Power transistor module overheating protection
F 97 Compressor overheating protection
F 98 Total running current protection
F 99 Outdoor direct current (DC) peak detection

Some error code may not be applicable to your model. Consult an authorised dealer for clarification. A new built-in Network Adaptor that allows you to control your air conditioner unit operation from anywhere.

Inserting the Batteries & Clock Setting


Basic Operation


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