LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor Manual

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LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor Manual

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Model Name GVH282PAB


Compressor Type

Hermetic Motor Compressor
3 Compression Type

Rotary Type (Rolling Piston Type)



Refrigeration system (Cooling & Heating)





Safety Approval



Oil / Oil Charging Amount PVE or Equivalent   / 600 cc



28.2 ㎤ / rev

9 Painting

Black Color Paint


Net Weight ( Including Oil ) 20.1       kg
11 Suction Tube I.D

Ø 12.8 mm


Discharge Tube I.D

Ø 9.7 mm


Motor Type / Starting Type

Single Phase Induction Motor / PSC

Pole / Rated Output

2 Pole / 1,950 Watts
Power Source

220 – 240V~ 50 Hz

Rated Revolution

2,872 rpm
Insulation Class

E   Class

Windings Resistance ( at 25 ℃ )

Main 1.53 ± 7% [ Ω ]


2.10 ± 7% [ Ω ]
Locked Rotor Ampere

51 A (At 240V)

Wiring diagram: LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 2

Electrical Component:

Running Capacitor

55 MFD / 400 VAC
Overload Protector




220V 240 V
Cooling Capacity (-5%↑) [ BTU/h ] 24,200


[ W ]



Power Input (+5%↓)

[ Watts ] 2,315 2,335

EER (-5%↑)

[ BTU/Whr ] [ W / W ]




Running Current [ A ] 10.8


Rated Conditions (ASHRAE-T Condition):

Cond. Temp.    : 54.4 ℃ ( 130 ℉ )

Evap. Temp.     :     7.2 ℃ (  45 ℉ )


Return Gas Temp.  : 35.0 ℃ ( 95 ℉ )

Liquid Temp.        : 46.1 ℃ ( 115 ℉ )

Ambient Temp.           :  35.0 ℃ (  95 ℉ )

Noise, Vibration:


At 240 V

Sound Level                                                    [ dB(A) ]

75 Max

Vibration                                                    [ µm ]

230 Max

Noise & Vibration Measuring Points: LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 3

  • Measuring points for specification approval
    – Noise : 2 points ( X , Y )
    – Vibration : 2 points ( A , B )
  • Compressor vibration is measured by a vibration meter which is
    contacted compressor ( A ~ B )
  • Test Condition :
    – Standard Condition (Ps/Pd = 9.12 / 33.45 kg/cm²G)

Minimum Starting Voltage (V2) *note 1 LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 4

Voltage Range (V2) *note 1 LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 5

Test Conditions LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 6


Leak Tight Pressure

High Pressure Side 32 ㎏f / ㎠ G
Low Pressure Side

Hydrostatic strength Pressure

High Pressure Side

170 ㎏f / ㎠ G
Low Pressure Side

69 ㎏f / ㎠ G

Insulation Resistance

( with 500V D.C Mega Tester )

50 ㏁ Min.

Withstand Voltage

At 2,200 V / 1 Sec.

Leakage Current is less than 5 ㎃

Residual Moisture ( Karl Fisher Method )

60 mg Max.

* Residual Impurities

70 mg Max

*Each part was measured separately

Delivered Parts List

Parts Name

Type ( Model ) EA Parts Dwg. NO.






Cover, Terminal

1 3550U-L005D YES NO
Gasket 1 4986UHL004A YES


Nut, Common

1 FAD30241201 YES NO
Washer, Customized

1 FAF30240201 YES NO
Damper, Rubber 3 MCQ61847401 YES


Sleeve, Damper

3 4816U-L001G YES NO

Washer, Plain



Nut, Hexagon YES



Screw, Earth M4*0.7 ,

Length : Max 6 mm.



Operating Limit

Operation Range:

Discharge    Pressure

[ ㎏f / ㎠ G ] 42 Max

Suction    Pressure

[ ㎏f / ㎠ G ]

3.0 ~ 13.0

Discharge Pipe Temp.

[ ℃ ]

120 Max.

Motor Coil Temp. [ ℃  ]

135 Max.

LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 7Area A : Normal Operating Zone

Area B : High Density Flow Zone
-During Starting within 3 minutes

Area C : During defrosting & re-starting
-Running time within 3 minutes

Application Limit:


Refrigerant Charge Limit


Max 2,500g

(Charge limit depends on Oil Dilution Rate**note 2 & accumulator ‘K’)


Liquid Refrigerant Back

System should be designed not to allow the liquid to go back to compressor which cause knocking noise , current increase or undesirable vibration and make short compressor life time.

Δ T : Temp. Difference


Δ T = Case Bottom Temp.- Condensing Temp. It must be kept Δ T ≥ 5℃


Pressure Difference in Operating


The Pressure difference in operating shall be 5.0㎏f/㎠ or more, but 3 minutes starting excluded.

ON/OFF   Operation Each cycle should be at least 6 minutes

(ON Time : at least 3 minute , OFF Time : at least 3 minutes)

Pressure Difference at Starting When starting, discharge pressure is balanced with suction pressure. ( Pd – Ps ≤ 0.5 ㎏f/㎠ )

Tilt in Operation


The allowable tilt of the compressor in operation shall be 5˚ or less.






System Accumulator

The Accumulator volume should be enough to cover 50% of maximum system refrigerant volume.

Ratio coefficient ‘K’ should be over 0.6(heating system) or 0.4(cooling system)

Effective Volume of Accum. × Specific gravity of Refrigerant

K =

Charged Weight of Refrigerant

※ Effective Volume of Accumulator = 580 ㎤

※ Specific Gravity of Refrigerant (R410A) = 1.085 g/㎤ ( at 20℃ )

If coefficient “K” does not meet recommendation, refrigerant system must check liquid back phenomenon at accumulator.


Protecting Reverse Operation

The compressor must be operated by proper voltage in accordance with the frequency without reverse revolution condition. The reverse revolution condition can be avoided by just keeping right order of phase supplied power source.
Frequency Range Rated Frequency ±2%
Pipe Stress Don’t allow any force on discharge & suction pipe .

The piping stress must be less than 300㎏f/㎠ at starting and stopping. And less than 153㎏f/㎠ at running.

Oil Level It must be checked oil level by the compressor with sight glass we supply. And oil level must be kept over guide line level **note 3. at any condition.
Protection device Refrigeration system must has the compressor protection device like over pressure, high temperature, sensing locked pump in the controller. When starting & running fail by abnormal overload, controller must be able to cut off power of compressor before motor burn out.
An earth terminal should be installed to prevent electrical accidents.
Pump down refrigerant If pump down time is too long, compressor can be damaged due to excessive temperature increase or poor lubrication.

Guideline of pump down process.

–  Time : less than 30 seconds

–  Suction Pressure : It should not run under below 1㎏f/㎠G.

And before closing a service valve, compressor running for more than 5 minutes is recommended.

*If gas charge amount of refrigerant specified is exceeded, both parties should discuss the matter to determine compressor specification. (accumulator volume, lubricating oil amount) and system specifications (crank case heater, oil separator , additional accumulator, etc.)

* Effective Period of This Document 

This document will be effective after LG’s receipt with your authorized signature. When design modification is approved by the customer , the current document is unavailable.

Process Limit:

Use defined Refrigerant and oil Any process in where the HCFC’s refrigerant or the different kind of oil against the defined. Compressor oil are mixed should be avoided.
Avoid Damage running The running operation that inspection and the protector inspection that affect a damage to the function and durability of the compressor should be avoided
Running dummy indoor When the outdoor unit is operated with the indoor dummy unit, the discharged oil should be recovered enough
Prevent oxidation in pipe Always purge the system and the compressor with the dry nitrogen in order to prevent oxidation of the piping
Charging Refrigerant When charging refrigerant into the cycle, make sure that refrigerant always be filled from the higher pressure side (condenser exit) of the cycle.

If liquid refrigerant is sucked in to the compressor liquid compression occurs, The discharge valve is damaged, lubrication effectiveness degenerates and reliability drops noticeably

Avoid Vacuum running Do not operate the compressor in a vacuum state. Furthermore do not apply high voltage to a vacuum state compressor. There is a danger that insulation could degenerate, causing electric shock
Avoid Air compression Do not compress the air including the case of leakage in the refrigeration cycle. If compressors run with air mixed, inside the compressor is heated and pressurized , which may cause an explosion
Promptly Assemble compressor in line After removing rubber plugs from compressor tubes, Promptly use the compressor. And do not leave in the atmosphere for 10 minutes over. If Air gets into the compressor , accelerating degeneration of the inside of the cycle or compressor
Wiring Wires connected to the compressor, follow the compressor specification manual and instructions
Storage temperature -10℃ ~ 65℃
Earth connection Use compressor with grounded system only.

* Note 1. Voltage V2 V2 means minimum voltage measured between pins of hermetic terminal at the compressor starts. LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 8

* Note 2. OIL Dilution rate LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 9[ Unit ]

– Oil Weight : [ g ]

– Refrigerant Weight : [ g ]

** Note 3. Oil Level Guide Line LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 10


[UNIT : mm] LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 11All safety messages will identify the hazard, tell you how to reduce the chance of injury, and tell you what can happen if the instructions are not followed. You are strongly advised to follow these safety instructions.

Note:LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 12

*1. Effective Period of This Document: This document will be effective after LG’s receipt with your authorized signature. When design modification is approved by the customer , the current document is unavailable

*2. Compressor operating range: The Compressor can operate within the limits of the outlined area. Outside these operating fields, the system cause early defects in the compressor. The compressor defects caused by applications operating outside the outlined area will not be considered under the warranty. If the appliance be operated out of the operating range, it must be agreed with the supplier.


1.Compressor Drawing:2.Accessory Fitting:

LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 14

3. Gasket Cover, Terminal: LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 154.Gasket: LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 165.Nut, Common: LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 176.Washer, Customized: LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 187.Damper, Rubber: LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 198.Sleeve ,Damper: LG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 20

9.OLP Characteristic CurveLG GVH282PAB Rotary Compressor img 21

10.Guideline of using R410A

Process Control

  1. Residual Moisture
    Moisture control of lubricant is very important, because hydrolysis of lubricant causes many problems.
  2. Residual Chlorine
    Chloric furuoro carbon and solvent cause decomposition of oil, no chlorine is recommended ( if impossible, below 100 ppm )
  3. Contamination Control
    Contamination accelerate wear of compressor parts and decomposition of oil. Therefore contamination control must be required.
  4. Compressor Sealing
    It is recommended to assemble compressor within 5 minutes after removing sealing cap of compressor.
  5. Tube Connection
    When brazing welding for tube connection, no use of Flux is recommendable.


  1. Vacuum Pump
    Below 0.5 torr vacuum rate is recommendable.
  2. Charging System
    An exclusive charging equipment is necessary.

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